Hokuyo Lidar sensor model UST -05LA-Z01

Hi , we are using HOKUYO Lidar laser sensor model UST-05LA-Z01 ( Smart URG- eco) in our Leo Rover.
But you write code based on HOKUYO Lidar laser sensor model URG-04LX. Could you present instruction for this model ?
Thank you

Have you tried following our instructions for URG-04LX? Both sensors use the same protocol for communication so there is a high chance the software will be compatible.

The noticeable differences with your sensor are that:

  • The operational voltage is between 10V and 30V, so you should be able to power it directly from the battery (without DC converter). Read the user manual carefully before trying things!
  • The dimensions are slightly different, so the mounting part we designed might not fit and the coordinate frame of the laser in the URDF model might be off.

Yes, we will follow your instruction carefully , but HOKUYO Maker said that URG-04LX can not transfer data through PC, they recommend UST-05 LA .
Your notices on differences with sensor UST-05LA-Z01 , not a big problem to us :

  1. We used separate battery , not connect directly to battery due to reason safety .
  2. We make another mounting part , not use plate from your design , for mounting our sensor.
    We try to do and ask you some questions later .
    Thank you

I honestly have no idea what your OEM had in mind, but let me know whether the instructions work.

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