Wheel issue

Hi, I have just started to assemble Leo and have started with the wheels. In my kit the motors are already in the sleeves and the sleeves are a bit scratched up. Anyway, on one wheel the bearing ring is not in the groove, see photo. The bearing ring will not move down, but even if it did, it would probably have a diameter larger than the groove as it fits so snugly to the wider part of the cylinder. Please advise

Are you able to take off the bearing now? And second: do you own a 3d-printer?
We have a tool designed internally to help with the tight fit. Most of the time it’s not a matter of unfit diameret, but uneven pushing of the bearing.

i had to use a small hammer to gently tap the bearings down. It’s in place now. I did not fit the bearing rings, they were already fitted. I don’t have a 3D printer, but might get one to make housings for the various sensors I intend fitting outside the rover. I don’t know anything about the various models, do you have any recommendations?

Oh, that’s great. We use Prusa MK3 in the production and to be honest it’s totally worth it.