Unable to see SPI device

I would like to access hSD to store data. Based on Husarion document, “Just a connector for a standard microSD card. It uses one of the SPI interfaces available in the microcontroller. The rest is software.”
I checked “/dev/firmware/usercfg.txt” and confirmed that “#dtparam=spi=on”

However, although I inserted an SD card, I cannot see it in /dev/ directory.
Could you please help me with this?

Thank you very much!

The hSD is connected to the SPI interface of the microcontroller on the CORE2 board, not directly to Raspberry Pi. You can only access it in the firmware.

If you need to write some data to a removable device during operation, why not just connect some sort of USB Drive to Raspberry Pi?

Excellent idea!

Thank you for the advice!