Turn off the Rover properly

Here’re the different ways I’ve found to turn the rover off properly

  • Sending a message in a topic
    rostopic pub /system/shutdown std_msgs/Empty

  • Standard linux way
    sudo shutdown -h now

  • Web UI click Turn off button

Any other ?

I think you listed them all.

By the way, the button in the Web UI sends a message on the rostopic /system/shutdown and the callback send shutdown -h now to the OS. leo_robot/leo_system at 5f399c9a12053ce378f9c87e014eceaa40d161dc · LeoRover/leo_robot · GitHub

Hi, to be honest we needed to add this ‘safe shutdown’ disclaimer as a manufacturer beginning with later versions of Turtle Rover, but with the newer OS personally I never experienced filesystem issues of the kind.
I mean, it can still hapen if you power it off by hand, but then you’ll end up with longer boot as the system will try to repair itself and most probably will work.
Maybe I didn’t write anything new, but just wanted to underline that no - we’re pushing hard not to get back to: