Trouble Obtaining Transform for Simultaneous Operation of 2 Rovers

I am currently working on an implementation that requires the simultaneous use of 2 rovers. To achieve this, I aim to connect both rovers to the same network, which I have successfully done.

Following a tutorial on using multiple rovers together, I have encountered some errors while executing the leo_navigation odometry algorithm:

“Could not obtain the transform from leo2/base_link to base_footprint.”

Upon examining the TF (Transform) data, I am unable to locate the necessary TF information.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance from someone who can help me troubleshoot this issue.

I noticed that when I use ros_namespace, TF is no longer being published. Does anyone know the reason?

Hi @mdieisson!
The reason for your problem is that leo_navigation_tutorial package was not made with simultaneous operation of multiple rovers in mind. Therefore names of frames are not using the robot namespace (tbh they are hardcoded now), so you would need to go through files in leo_navigation_tutorial repository in the config directory and change manually each parameter with frame in its name to have your namespace.

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