Status of ROS2 Support

Hello all. I’m interested in using the Leo Rover with ROS2. I noticed the last release of LeoOS using ROS2 was the beta 2 in October of 2022. I was wondering how stable the release was and what kinds of issues there were with it. More generally, information on progress on ROS2 support would be neat to hear about as well.

So, the ROS2 system won’t be officially released for some time, but it’s connected more to the fact we’d add chaos to the knowledge base, rather than the system readiness itself.
This means - it’s stable as it can be :smiley: It’s not just an experimental version, all the funcionalities are ‘translated’ to ROS2, just the tutorials and integrations won’t catch up.

Feel free to use it and as soon you jump into any issues, you can always ping me or @Blazej_Sowa and we’ll figure out the solutions asap.

@Szymon Thank you for the update. I flashed an sd card with LeoOS-ros2-beta2-2023-02-08-full.img.xz from the beta2 release. After putting the sd card into the raspberry pi, reassembling, and plugging the battery in, the battery light simply keeps flashing and the rover’s access point never shows up on my devices. I’ve tried it with 2 sd cards. The red led power led of the raspi is a solid red. The green ACT led flashes 4 times, pauses for a second, and then another 4 times.

Are there any steps I should follow to troubleshoot?

The build from February 8th was broken. I fixed it and released the beta3 version:

The battery light will still keep flashing until you flash the firmware to the motor controller (the firmware for ROS2 version differs). For instructions on how to do it and the overview of differences in respect to the ROS1 version, refer to this doc page: