Spare motors for Leo

I want to buy a couple of spare motors for my Leo Rover, but in the online shop I only see them for the Turtle (see here). Does anybody know if they are the same model and therefore I can use them in the Leo or not?



Do you have Ponullu Motors or the Buehler?

No idea. They look like this:

That are the Ponullu Motors. I have the same ones. All what you need are replacement Gears for the Motor. Ask Support or you buy the cheap ones whiteout Encoder and remove the Gear Section. Important is the Ratio . . That’s the correct Name and Unit . . That are the cheaper ones without Encoder, when you have to replace the Gear.

If you buy from Pololu (easier way), just mind if you have 172 or 99 written on the gearbox.
We shipped both different gearboxes in some time (172:1 or 99:1), so just don’t make the mistake as you’ll have different gear ratios in different wheels after switching.

99:1 . Have you tried this ratio ?.

Yes, there was a part of Leo Rovers that had this ratio. It’s less torque (little to weak), but they are more durable as the last gear (that breaks) has less strain. For us as manufaturers it’s better as it’s less faulty, but grom your point of view - depends on the application.

So since the firmware is customizable (torque), everything is going great. Leo has been traveling almost every day for 4 weeks and everything is great. 172: 1 I use. He is a bit slow - but they are all rovers.

So actually it doesn’t matter if you have 99 or 172 gearbox in case of basic use. The motors (not gearboxes) are the same, so firmware doesn’t need any modifications. On the other hand if you want to use odometry, then you need to fix the parameters.
And yes, they will always be slow. Previousy Turtle Rovers were like 2x faster, but it was tough to work with thme because of the speed.

I´m happy with the 172er gearbox and the modified gear section (Faulhaber). The only Problem is the 2A max current of Husarion. I was thinking to change to the Turtle Board. It has more Power and its much easyer to modified Hard and Software.