Servo Interface - my favorite addon

**Hi y’all! **

I’d like to talk about the favorite addon of mine, made originally by our engineer Piotr Szlachcic - Servo Interface. It’s a simple device, which allows the user to plug in any servos to the rover without tinkering with our plug on the main addon part. Let me copy the description of the device from its Thingiverse site (which I’ll link later on, because you’ll need those STL files to print it).

We have designed it for a standard servo plug. It’s compatible with singular goldpin connectors, too. It’s made as a universal controlling interface for any robotic project using up to 3 servos.

Things you need:

4x M5x10,
12x Goldpins (,
5 core cable,
1x plug (
3D printed:

Base(4001) x1,
Cover(4000) x1

You need a soldering iron

Firstly, remove the parts from their support. Prepare 3 bars with 3 goldpins. Plug them into each socket. Solder them from the opposite side, according to the scheme in the photo.You can connect 3 pins of ground and positive, putting goldpins horizontally and soldering them together. Connect the base to the cover.

Now you can enjoy your own up to three servos project the simpler way!

Have a good one.