Hello, everyone
I am currently developing Autonomous Navigation according to the manual
Encountered a difficult problem
When opening rviz again
The FPS is extremely low (FPS=0or1)
And the entire UI interface also looks slow
I would like to ask how can I solve it

What exactly do you open?
And on what setup (PC/mac/specs?)

Sorry for replying so late
I projected to Leo Rover’s own desktop through the built-in remote desktop of Windows
And type “rviz” in the terminal to open it
Initially 30 fps when there is no function such as importing models
But by importing “RobotModel” or typing in the command “roslaunch leo_viz rviz.launch”
rviz displays at 0-1fps

Ok, hope @Blazej_Sowa will help here.

Sorry, please answer

RViz is supposed to be run on your computer. Not on RPi through remote desktop.

Here’s the ROS documentation you’ll need:

First, setup your ROS environment variable, than you can use roswtf to check if your network setup is valid.