Rover Motor Model

Hello everybody,

I guess one of the motors in our rover is damaged and needs to be replaced. I couldn’t find any brand/model information on the website. Do you know what they are? The only information available, as far as I know is, this:

Motors: 4 x in-hub DC motor with 73.2:1 planetary gearbox and 12 CPR encoder

Thanks in advance!

Do you have the Pololu Motors or the Buhler .

If you have a LEO 1.6 you need a new one with this Part Number : Buehler Motors For the Pololu you have to buy the cheap Version without Encoder - you need the Gerarbox only (20 €)

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And if you’re not sure which one you have, check if you have 4 or 5 screws mounting the torque plate (front of each wheel).
4 - Pololu
5 - Buehler

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