Retail of Leo Rover

Hi there

I have been keeping an eye on Leo Rover since I first came across you a year or so ago. I have been trying to decide if I can afford to get a rover and have around 90% sure that I will get one before the end of the year. I noticed that RobotShop UK now list the rover in their inventory, but are awaiting stock. Are you moving to a more distributed retail model?

Also is the silicon chip shortage affecting the manufacturing of Leo?

Leo Rover looks like a very extensible robotics platform, open source is the key of course, hopefully I’ll be annoying you all with questions when I get stuck in the near future


Hi there, sorry for late answer - we’ve been engaged in oganizing of ERC ( and were out of office lately.
So regarding the questions. The Rover is available in UK either via Robotshop or Generation Robots or us, I don’t think that anyone has them in stock as typically we deliver on demand. But tbh we can deliver the Rover to you, just tell us at least 2 weeks before and we’ll book it.

Silicon shortage: hell yes, it’s one of the cause we’re switching to our inhouse motor controllers as we’ll be able to better control the manufacturing. But who knows what will be out of the market next. RaspberryPi? Cameras?

And of course, feel free to ‘annoy us’. I’m here to help. After you get the Rover we’ll be able to move to our private Slack workspace where you’ll access our whole team for any integrations and maintenance discussions.

  • Cheers