Replacing the wifi_ext usb dongle


I’m currently trying to upgrade the USB wifi modem with an Alfa Network AWUS1900.

I’d like to know what steps are required to replace the external USB wifi modem?
Assuming the driver is installed and the interface is listed when running the ifconfig command.

What modifications are required? My guess is that the netplan and/or hostapd.conf files should be modified but how?


It was easier than I expected! For anyone who’d like to know, how I’ve done it:

  • Install the wifi driver (in my case, I installed the 8814au driver using sudo make dkms_install ARCH=arm)
  • Open the /etc/netplan/00-wlan-persistent-names.yaml config file (using your favorite tool ex: nano, vim, …)
  • Edit the wlan_ext config. Replace the 88XXau driver by your driver name (in my case, 8814au)
  • Reboot and test

That’s exactly the solution I wanted to propose, but you just beat me to it.