Remapping ROS nodes

Hello fellow tinkerers,

I’m trying to get autonomous navigation working with a wifi connected LiDAR. It’s for some reason publishing it’s map and scan data to /some_brand/ topic namespace while the leo navigation package is looking for root /map and /scan. In rviz I can manually switch them but is there any way to remap namespaced topics correctly without hard coding the brand name in the launch and config files?

Many thanks

Without changing the launch and config files, you can remap topics by passing command line arguments to roslaunch, for example:

roslaunch leo_navigation gmapping.launch scan:=some_brand/scan 

I don’t understand why your LiDAR publishes the map topic (does it perform SLAM?), but you most probably don’t want to use it.

An important thing to note: for the SLAM and navigation to properly work, the system time on the Rover and the device publishing the scan data should be synchronized.