Random Disconnects

The Rover seems to randomly disconnect from a portable router; once this happens, I also can’t connect to the LeoRover wifi once this happens. Restarting the rover temporarily fixes it, but then it breaks soon after.
Not sure if this is a LeoRover specific issue, couldn’t find anything online.

Please update the Rover to the newest software: Software Updates
And tell us after that if the thing happens. We had such issues when switched to RPi 4 instead of 3B+.

Hi, apologies for the delay, seems to work, thanks

Sorry for piggy-backing my previous post, but now it seems the /odom topic no longer outputs data. I have had to replace motors, so there’s a chance it’s that, but I’m fairly sure the node was working on it’s latest replacement.

The odom topic was changed to wheel_odom in more recent version of the firmware and the message type was changed to geometry_msgs/TwistStamped.

@TaintedE : why did you need to replace the motors? - just curious - did you replace them to other ones or needed to reassemble due to some assembly issues?

This was with the old version motors, which seemed to be quite susceptible to breakages. So replaced with same version motors, plan to upgrade motors in the coming week.