Power Leo by connecting it to battery charger?

Developing on Leo Rover is more of a hassle given I have to deal with the battery a lot. Can I power Leo by connecting it directly to the charger - and skipping using the battery altogether unless I want to run the rover using the battery?

Hi, yes. You can do it two ways:

  • With Leo Powerbox you can connect the charger to the Rover: Leo Rover Shop - Powerbox
    Just remember the charger can be not enough for the Rover driving, you can always just get 8-10A 12V-16V DC power adapter to do that and solder WEIPU connector there or connect the wires directly to the Powerbox BAT socket.
  • Get any 12-16V DC power adapter that has a 5.2-2.1 barrel jack and connect it directly to the Rover controller (disconnect the original power cable), this will do the work as well.