No wifi signal


I got the Leo Rover as a subject for my fourth year of engineering school. I turned it on for the first time and was able to move it around with the pre-built tools but after ten minutes or so, the web page froze, the rover stopped responding, and since then, it does not output a wifi signal anymore, or one with “no internet” sometimes, that i can’t connect to.

Any idea what is causing that ? Thanks for your help.

Could you open MEB (Main Electronics Box) and check if the blue LED on the USB WiFi module is blinking constantly? Also, double check if it is connected correctly.

If you have any spare micro-SD card (at least 8GB), please try to flash the LeoOS to it and use it to replace the SD card that is inserted into Raspberry Pi. This would help to determine if the current SD card is faulty.

Hi, thanks for your response. The Wifi module used to light up but I then reflashed the Raspberry SD card and it does not light up anymore. It is well connected, I checked several times.

I will try to find another micro SD card and come back to the thread one I’ll have tried.

Can you tell us as well what lights flash on the RaspberryPi? It seems the system hasn’t boot properly.
You can as well try with the same card, but re-flash it.

Hi, the reflash on a new SD card did the trick. Thank you for your input !