Network Setup for rover mounted Jetson Nano


I need to install a Jetson Nano on top of our LeoRover to increase the computing power available.

I’d like to connect the Jetson to the RPi4 inside the rover using an ethernet cable. I’d like to keep the current wlan_ext interface intact and use the Jetson wifi as the main AP (because it’s a WiFi-AC card, it’s stronger and faster).

Here a representation of what I think the network setup should be like:

I’d like to be able to ping any computer while connected to any interface.

I think I saw in an other post that you previously made a similar setup. If that’s true, could you please provide some information on how you did it?

I found two tutorials on how to do it. If it can help anyone.

I ended up with something that looks more like this than the previous schematics.


Sorry for the lack of response. Have you managed to make a working setup?

We made a similar setup for the ERC competition. However, it required an additional Switch and a WiFi Router, which might be an overkill in your case.

The whole network architecture for the competition is illustrated by this diagram:

The main reason we have chosen a separate on-board router is to make sure the connection is reliable and provides high bandwidth. The RPi or Jetson computers might not perform that well that well (without some tweaks) when routing packets, so I would expect a degraded throughput between the Server and RPi4 in your case, especially when Jetson computer is under heavy load.

I’ve managed to connect all the computers and control the rover using the WebUI. The latency seems a little high, but it might just be caused by my computer not being wired at the moment (we just moved in a new office location).

I agree with you, the ideal setup is to use an embedded router/switch combo mounted on the robot. I’ve created similar setups in the the past and it worked without a flaw.

We’re developing our AI algorithm at the moment which is going to run on our server. Since in a near future the algorithm is going to run on dedicated hardware installed on the rover, it’s not worth investing on a router/switch setup.

I’ll run more tests to figure our if my current setup is actually usable.

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Update: I ran a few speed tests and i’m getting similar results each time:

   Speedtest by Ookla

     Server: Fibrenoire Internet - Montreal, QC (id = 911)
        ISP: Bell Canada
    Latency:     1.64 ms   (0.17 ms jitter)
   Download:   462.56 Mbps (data used: 231.1 MB )                               
     Upload:   379.14 Mbps (data used: 259.7 MB ) 

That’s on the RPi4 using the ethernet connection provided by the Jetson Nano that’s sharing it’s wifi. The Jetson Nano has the NVidia recommended Intel 8265NGW wifi card.

I also drove the rover around using the WebUI and it’s as smooth as when using the wlan_ext interface.

Sounds great! Could you try a similar test when Jetson CPU is under heavy load?

as I’m on the same topic, which on-board switch/router are you using?
I went for this one as not really expensive VONETS WiFi bridge,Wireless bridge, mini wifi router, wireless repeater, wlan repeater - VAP11S--VAP11S--Products but still have to try it

We used Ubiquity Edgerouter X as a switch and Mikrotik Groove 52 ac as a WiFi Router.

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