Motor/Gearbox replacement

My team and I received an old stripped down Leo Rover (only wheels/motors and camera left on the frame) for a university project. We are not sure what version it is.
One of the motor was not working and when we disassembled it, we noticed one of the gear in the gearbox was damaged. We are trying to replace the motors without having to buy the whole wheel kit.
In the spec sheets the gear ratio is 73.2, but looking on the forum, the suggested replacement has a 172:1 ratio. Pololu - 172:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx71L mm MP 12V with 48 CPR Encoder


Yep, you got a Leo Rover 1.5 there, which was built on Core2-ROS controller and the Pololu motors. With the broken gearbox you can simply get any type of Pololu motors with the 20D 172:1 ratio (doesn’t necesarily need to have encoder) and just swap the gearboxes.
Those Pololu-based wheels need to be used carefully as the gears like to break under heavy load (for ex. the Rover falls or is kicked).