Looking for ERC Version Parts

I am searching for STL´s . Is it possible to get informations about the new Parts you are use. For Example the Power Box complete and the Battery .
Thank you

Here you go: https://a360.co/337DjRm

Nice . For what is the Revolver :slight_smile: . I´ve wrote a Email to you for Replacement /Modifikation Parts. I have a lot of Stress whith broken MotorGears. So i will change to Buehler. Is it possible to get Informations about the Battery (12V) and the Board inside the Powerbox inkl. cabling.

I’ll reply to the email shortly.
Regarding the revolver (Probe Deployment Unit) - it’s used in ERC to deploy little probes/discs that are used to detemine the teams accuracy in positioning the Rover on different coordinates. The Teams drive the Rover (or their software drives) to a given coordinate and puts a probe in the place, then drives to another.

Battery - 11.1V li-ion with 12A overcurrent safaety electronics (PCM).

Powerbox - you connect the battery to the box and have 4x 12V (direcltly from the batt) + 4x 5V screwed connectors (Phoenix Contact MSTBVA 2,5/ 2-G-5,08 1755736). The 5V is made using POLOLU-2866 step-down converter (up to 9A). Additionally you have another standard Weipu connector in the back of the Rover where you can connect either the Rover charger or any bigger power adapter to keep the Rover up when hot-swapping the battery or just to power it when you code.