Light keeps blinking no wifi

I have a new LEO and it worked fine. I followed the documentation and I changes the wifi name and password and restarted wifi per this Change the access point settings - Leo Rover

I did not see the wifi and could not shut it down via the interface so I pressed the power button to turn it off

When i turned it on it stays blinking and I don’t see the wifi

any suggestions?

If you don’t have any important files on the robot, then reflash the OS on the SD card.
Otherwise, please mount the root partition from the SD card on your computer (it will probably require linux) and restore the original content of the hostapd.conf file.

Before attempting to modify the Access Point settings again, make sure your robot is connected to some local network so you have a backup way of accessing it.

SSH to the robot using the ip from the local network, try to follow the steps again. If the access point is not booting up. Check the logs of the hostapd service:

journalctl -b -u hostapd

i had to take off the modem and huserion board to access the sd card. is there an easier way to remove the sd card? tweezers you recommend???

Yep, we have an internal tool that comes handy.
You can 3d-print it on your own.

Go to: [06] Leo Rover public – Google Drive → CAD files → microSD card removal tool