Leo rover lawn mower

Hi there, thanks for building leo rover.

I’m interested in buying and extending a leo rover with a lawn mower attachment addon to help with my yard. I’m currently using Worx WG794 robots and I’m happy with their blade motor but they are limited by a boundary signal wire and roll easily on even slight incline.

Can you tell me if you think the stock battery and wheel motor driver would suffice for powering and controlling a blade motor attachment?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, interesting idea here :smiley:
The motor driver has all the channels already occupied (4x hbridges), so you can either go with additional driver connected to RPi via USB or find a servo that would fit the application and connect to servo pins of Core2-ROS controller (we use it in the Rovers) or connect external motor for blades via simple relay as you don’t need to control the motor speed.

For the relays, we have tutorial here: https://docs.leorover.tech/integrations/controllers/relay-module

In case of battery, it always depends on how much the blade motor would take and how long you want to run. If it comes not enough, you can always switch it to a bigger one by yourself (switch the internal pack in the compartment) or add another that would be connected just to the relay board.