Leo Rover gazebo navigation support (IMU and LIDAR)

Hi All,

A few of us at work have started working on the Leo Rover software, to see how this platform works. We want to best out the simulation in gazebo (with gmapping/slam).

  • Ubuntu 18.04, ROS Melodic

The problem

We have installed the required software for the simulation and tried to integrate the imu and lidar into the simulation. However, once we did this the robot starts to warp/drift slowly out of position (in RVIZ). In gazebo it doesn’t move of course. This problem seems related to the imu and the base_footprint. Sometimes it does this straight away (without us moving the robot at all) and sometimes it does it a few seconds later. Does anyone know of this issue, is there a software package out there that has already been setup with imu and lidar for gamapping/slam?

P.S. I can provide further detail of the problem, if needed.


The following thread might help you figure it out. Leo autonomous navigation tutorial - #2 by Alex-SSoM