Since the last update (current firmware, software) I have had a problem with the ROS compressed stream. I use a V1 camera and recently have a network traffic of 8-16 Mbit / s. Since a second video stream is added, I am over 20 Mbit / s. Where can you set the Raspi Cam camera stream? This is not about the 2nd camera, but the original built-in. I tried using ROS - Reconfigure, but there are a lot of error messages. It’s best to restore the old settings or a walk trought. Thought you could change that via the config - but unsuccessfully.

Could you elaborate on how you measure the network traffic?

You can measure the bandwidth required by the compressed camera stream by typing on your rover:

rostopic bw /camera/image_raw/compressed

I checked right now on the newest image and in my case it oscillates between 800-900 KB/s (6.5 - 7.4 Mbit/s).

I´ve checked now the Topic - 10-12 Mbit/s

I once watched the stream directly via the address Only the RAW Stram can be seen as a selection. No idea what that has to mean.http: // 8080 / stream? Topic = / camera / image_raw & type = ros_compressed is shown under the address, but not in the selection menu.

Can you do:

rosparam dump params.yaml

on you rover and paste here the content of params.yaml file?

The overview page from web_video_server unfortunately does not show available image transports for the image topics.

Can you tell us more about the error messages? The rqt_reconfigure plugin should allow dynamically changing different parameters for the camera node (raspicam_node). Not the quality, though, as it is not a dynamically reconfigurable parameter.

To change the quality parameter, you can build the leo_bringup package, change the config/camera.yaml file inside it and make the system use the package you built. (here you can find instruction for that). Doing this, however, the package used by the system will not be automatically updated when you do apt upgrade).

A simple solution you can use is to override the parameter in the /etc/ros/robot.launch file. Just add this line before </launch> :

<param name="raspicam_node/quality" value="10"/>

Thanks for the answer, tried it with the override and it worked great. I actually wanted to display 2 streams at the same time in the WEB UI, that goes so far - hence the problem with the too high data rate. My Leo is weak at about 20Mbit / s. Will probably be on the WiFi stick. However, I thought of something else - why not virtually request every stream via a button - so that only one is active. Then there would be no problems since at all 12 Mbit / s are not an issue. Something gratifying is that I finally got a working and fast Ubuntu 18.04 with ROS to run - on my laptop, of course. I will send you a screenshot of the installation process including error messages - but it will take a while - other projects at the moment.