Just assembled LEO, now need help with SW

Hi there. We have just finished the assembly of a LEO rover we received some weeks ago (and which we have named “Jack” for obvious reasons :-). It looks reasonable healthy and we have used nearly all pieces, so I think we can call it a success.

Now we are trying to make it run (literally), and we are stuck in the software installation process, apparently in the communication between the Raspberry Pi and the CORE2 board. This is what we have done so far:

  1. Download latest RasPi image from/files.fictionlab.pl/leo_images, exact file was leo_2019-07-15.img.xz
  2. Flashed the image into provided microSD card using Etcher in a Windows PC. Side note: after some hours of work this card died and I had to repeat the process with a new one.
  3. Connected the Raspi to an HDMI screen, a keyboard and a mouse (obviously with the electronics brick slightly out of the casing). Booted. This launches a desktop in which we can configure our WiFi with Internet access. Worked fine
  4. Updated the OS (apt-get update and upgrade). This took a few hours!
  5. Connected a microUSB cable from RasPi to hSerial in CORE2. Downloaded files.husarion.com/bootloader/bootloader_1_0_0_core2.hex and flashed it using /opt/husarion/tools/rpi-linux/core2-flasher. I remove now the USB cable.
  6. Got LEO firmware v3 (github.com/LeoRover/leo_firmware/releases/download/v0.3/leo_firmware.hex) and flashed it using core2-flasher
  7. Started: sudo systemctl restart leo

At this point if I connect a browser to the LEO’s IP address (in my local network) I can see the GUI with the live video, but Voltage value is suspiciously 0V and motors don’t move no matter what I try.

Looking into LEO, from RasPi, I try to start it manually with sudo leo-start and I can see that it tries to start but there is no communication with the CORE2 board. I see these messages:

    started roslaunch server http://husarion:40647/


 * /raspicam_node/camera_frame_id: camera
 * /raspicam_node/camera_id: 0
 * /raspicam_node/camera_info_url: package://raspica...
 * /raspicam_node/camera_name: camerav1_1280x720
 * /raspicam_node/enable_imv: False
 * /raspicam_node/enable_raw: False
 * /raspicam_node/framerate: 30
 * /raspicam_node/height: 480
 * /raspicam_node/private_topics: False
 * /raspicam_node/quality: 15
 * /raspicam_node/width: 640
 * /rosbridge_server/unregister_timeout: 86400
 * /rosdistro: kinetic
 * /rosversion: 1.12.14
 * /serial_node/baud: 57600
 * /serial_node/port: /dev/serial0

    leo_system (leo_bringup/leo_system)
    raspicam_node (raspicam_node/raspicam_node)
    rosbridge_server (rosbridge_server/rosbridge_websocket)
    serial_node (rosserial_python/serial_node.py)
    web_video_server (web_video_server/web_video_server)

auto-starting new master
process[master]: started with pid [8786]

setting /run_id to 98eb8e7e-d0c1-11e9-9aa7-70f11c0aab78
process[rosout-1]: started with pid [8833]
started core service [/rosout]
process[web_video_server-2]: started with pid [8851]
process[rosbridge_server-3]: started with pid [8855]
process[serial_node-4]: started with pid [8856]
process[leo_system-5]: started with pid [8858]
process[raspicam_node-6]: started with pid [8860]
[ERROR] [1567786573.573884]: Unable to sync with device; possible link problem or link software version mismatch such as hydro rosserial_python with groovy Arduino

I’ve fiddled with the startup scripts trying with different serial ports from /dev (ttyCORE2, ttyUSB0) but my final guess is that the default settings (/dev/serial0 and 500000bps) are ok, because I assume (correct me if I’m wrong) that the communication happens through the GPIO connector, not through the USB cable I have removed. In any case, there seems to be no communication. I’ve been trying to solve it myself and googled the issue for hours, but no luck. Any help will be really welcome.



When you use the SD Card Image, you have to do nothing. Put the Husarion Board with the Raspi together and connect the 12V Power to the Husarion Board. There’s a small Switch on the Board, be Shute that is on. When you connect the Power the Husarion Board starts blinking and the Raspi is loading his Image. After Booting you can see some changes with the LED’s on the Husarion Board. That’s all. Be shure that the Modem is fast flashing.Connect to WiFi with a Browser at That’s all. When something is wrong you have to make a Reset on the Husarion Board (Small Button) . I use the Husarion 0.1 Firmware

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We recently changed the serial configuration.

Could you try the newly realeased image and LEO firmware v0.4?

Yes! That was the problem, with these two new SW images it works like a charm.
The good part is that I learned a lot about serial ports during my attempts to make the wrong SW work last week :slight_smile:
Now we will start to play seriously with the toy, I’m pretty sure we will come back with more questions sooner or later. Thanks for the fast response!

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