Integration with NVidia Isaac Sdk


I’d like to understand how Leo software could be integrated with the Isaac sdk ( ?

For instance, having a look to the NVidia’s doc :

The Isaac navigation stack safely navigates a robot from one point to another, using, in this release, LIDAR sensors and focus on a wheeled robot base

Does this question make sense ?


Hi there, nice to meet you.
Software-wise you need to integrate Isaac to ROS, which seems to be already done.
I’m just wondering if the libraries and the software doesn’t need excesive computational power that wouldn’t be provided by the internal RaspberryPi.
But if you need more power, you can always put one of the NVidia Jetson computers on top of the Rover and connect to RaspberryPi in one network. We did that in the European Rover Challenge setup connecting external Jetson NX.

I’ll indeed integrate the rover with a Jetson Nano.
The goal for my project is not the Leo rover itself, it’s rather gaining experience with autonomous objects, robotics and sensors. Leo Rover would help me gaining time for sure.
Anyway I hope getting your support :slight_smile:


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