Husarion Core2 discontinued?


I am currently working on a project with a Leo rover and I accidentally broke the Husarion Core2. So I decided to buy a new one, but none is available on your online shop and it seems that it has been discontinued by Husarion.

What can I do now ?


I’ll just answer on email. Honestly, the situation is that Husarion refused to accept any more orders from us due to the worldwide microprocessor shortage and we happened to be the only source of the boards for the individual customers.
This way we’re left with only last 50 boards left and now are working to fix the situation in the following months.

As you’re our ongoing customer, we’ll let you order 1pc. but would need the broken board back, maybe we’ll be able to fix this one.

I’m writing here officially for all the rest to know what happens. With the STM processor shortage all over the World we’re slowly getting back to the transistor age :frowning: