Hint: How to change the wheel odometry parameters

As there were some questions related to how to modify the software to fit different motors regarding the proper odometry readings etc., here’s the info from @Blazej_Sowa :

You will probably want to override some parameters passed to the firmware on the core2 board.

Here you can find the list of available parameters.

Edit the /etc/ros/robot.launch file by adding:

<rosparam command="load" file="/etc/ros/overrided.yaml"/>

jut before the ending </launch> tag.

Then, add the /etc/ros/overrided.yaml which should look like this:

    encoder_resolution: 4741.44
    max_speed: <max_motor_speed>
    pid: {p: 0.0, i: 0.005, d: 0.0}

Change <max_motor_speed> according to your motor. You can also change the default PID regulator coefficients.

Now, load the parameters by typing:

rosparam load /etc/ros/overrided.yaml

If you get any syntax errors, try to fix them and try to load the params again.

And softreset the core2 board so it loads the new parameters:

rosservice call /core2/reset_board

Now, check if the wheel odometry is correct:

rostopic echo /wheel_odom