GPS problem


My software and firmware verison are leo_2020-02-12.img.xz and leo_firmware_v1.0.0.hex .

I am trying to add the GY-NEO6MV2 GPS sensor ( to the Rover.

I can read the GPS message directly by using PC USB serial port. It looks like this:


I follow the GPS integration guide to connect the GPS sensor to CORE2-ROS. As following picture:

But I can’t get any message from topic /gps_fix. like this:

Do you have any suggestion? What debugging procedure can I do?
By the way, I was also wondering if I can get the serial message from CORE2-ROS in RPI terminal?


What baudrate does your module operate on?

the baudrate is 9600.

Try to change RX/TX Pin. On my Module i had to make cross over RxD and TxD

It works now, but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the problem of my GPS signal or connecting wire.

Sorry for bothering and thanks for replies.

That’s nice to hear. I’ll try to add more logging messages to the firmware in the future, so it will be easier to analyze what is going on.