Features and tutorials wishlist

Hi, I’m in a process of combining a wishlist of features that you and me would like to see in the Rover in the next updates or in the tutorials.
So, don’t be shy, just write any ideas you have in your mind and we’ll make a list and then decide what to do and what to move to next iterations.
Just please write a short description, don’t wite essays. When we choose your idea, we’ll then move to different topic to discuss more.

Szymon’s wishlist:

  • AR tag read - showing relative position to AR tag seen via the main camera in the Rover UI
  • line-follower tutorial - how to add line sensors or recognize lines from the main camera image to follow them in a semi-automatic way
  • follow me tutorial - how to make the Rover follow either a person or a ‘totem’ that would be recognized
  • self-check of the Rover after assembly (or on demand) - for ex. check the wheels signals (if encoders are ok), camera position and wifi signal power
  • how to connect 2 or more Rovers together to exchange data
  • how to make one Rover act as network repeater for another
  • how to change wheel speed and power
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Django´s wishlist:

  • Implement a 3D Stereo Camera like Orbecc Astra PRO

  • BME680 Enviromental Sensor (in Progress)

  • Implement Lidar (RaspiLidar)

  • Publish Sensor Data in Web_UI (in Progress)

  • RVIZ Tutorial. Step by Step . What you have to do on Leo and what you have to do on your Laptop. Master Slave Mode (?).

  • Video Recording / Snapshot

State machine visual programming (in graphs) - like: http://wiki.ros.org/smach

  • Snapshot done
  • muiltiple Cameras done