DIY LeoRover

hello,is it possible to get help in building a LeoRover by myself?!
i am thinking on a raspberry pi 3B+ and as a motor driver a Sabertooth 2x32A maybe with no encoder for the wheels.
sooooooo…is it possible?! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hah, Welcome! Of course it depends on what you’re capable of. If you have some programming skills you can take Leo Rover software and just build your own ROS topics related to the driver itself.
In case of hardware, it may be tough as we use some parts that are custom CNC-ed and laser-cut.
What I’d suggest is to base on the Rover CAD model and find all the components that are available to you and then I can tell you what are the minimal parts that we could provide for you to build your own Rover at less cost.
You can try this one as well: