Developer setup for leo_ui


We’d like to customize our rover UI based on leo_ui, but I have no clue on how to setup my desktop PC running Ubuntu 18.04 to develop a web ui.

Could you please provide instructions on how to setup a minimal development environment for the leo_ui?


I found this tutorial. My setup now seems to be working as expected.

You don´t need to install another Webserver . You can use a standalone Desktop UI. Al what you have to do is to change the IP Adress in Leo.js . Before you have to connect your Rover to your Home Network over MNTUI. I work also to another UI and another Firmware to show more Sensor Datas like IMU (aktually on develop with RPY Angles) and implement steering some GPIO´s (RElay Addon), ArbotixM (Dynamixel) and PWM . I use Bootstrap 4 . Please go to Slack in my Channel. So we can develop together and i will show you some important Stuff

Try one of our older tutorials. We haven’t mooved them to the new docs as they still need some moderation, but should work.

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The “Include an additional UI” page is useful once the new UI is coded.

What I wanted was setup instructions to develop a new UI on my desktop computer. In order to do this, the instructions from Ubuntu are what I was looking for.

I recommend you to use the LiveServer extension for the VisualStudioCode.
Simply open the leo_ui project in VSC and install the extension. It will allow you to launch leo_ui in your local environment.


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