Corrupt SD card

Hi all,
We recently started using the leo rovers. Annoyingly, the sdcard gets corrupted every now and then due to the lack of proper shutdown. As it is micro sd-card, there is no physical lock to make the card read-only. Has anyone faced similar issue and got solution.


Could you tell how often does this happen? What happens after the sdcard gets corrupted?

Hi @saurav , welcome to the Community :slight_smile:
Can you as well tell us if you use Leo Rover or previous Turtle Rover? (does it show “Leo Rover” in the interface header?)
There were similar issues especially in Turtle - this happened when you don’t click “shutdown” before you cut off the battery.

Not sure if this will help in this environment, but we have several embedded systems based on Raspberry Pi (as the Leo) and we solve the abrupt shutdown problem simply by forcing a filesystem check on every boot. It makes the boot a bit slower but it also avoids a lot of headaches. For instance we have a RasPi used as media player on a Digital Signage totem which is restarted automatically by a pysical power cycle every day, and it has been operational for years now…

To get this filesystem check the easiest way is adding the word “forcefsck” (without the quotes) at the end of the text line in /boot/cmdline.txt in the SD card (in the FAT partition, you should be able to do that even from Windows).

Thanks all for replying. Its definitely Leo and not turtle. When the SDCard is corrupted, the rover doesn’t boot, the green light on the battery flashes continuously and there is no visual output from the HDMI port.
Sorry @Szymon, what did you mean by the interface header?
It could be that the rover wasn’t properly shutdown by some curious people in our lab.
Thanks @alvarov, I will try that.

Header = top menu. But as you say it’s definetly Leo - I trust you :smiley:
As @alvarov wrote - the issue may be fixed by the system check. We don’t do that because after you use it, it may take like 2 minutes for the system to get up. For us this just meant more unhappy customers not knowing if the Rover works or not.
I think we should retink this, maybe providing the check every let’s say 10th time or something.