Can I use Bluetooth connection of RPi?


It seems like Raspberry Pi 4 model b includes a bluetooth module on it. But I couldn’t use it Is there a way to utilize it? I was trying to install and start ‘hciuart.service’, but I couldn’t start it for some reason. And the imu node is not working after the trial.

The bluetooth feature currently does not work straight off the bat. We are working on it and it should be available on the upcoming release of LeoOS.

Meanwhile, you can try to configure it yourself. The first step would be to delete this line:


in /boot/firmware/syscfg.txt and add this line:


Otherwise, the serial communication with CORE2 board might stop working.

thank you. I’ve tried to connect Bluetooth, so far no luck.

We’ve just published a release candidate for a new version of LeoOS which adds Bluetooth support. Could you check if it works for you?