Battery issue

The turtle rover’s battery will shut down after fully charged and connected with the robot, while the battery can be powered on and keep on normally if disconnected with the robot.
Did anyone experience this battery issue and any fix?


Hi, thanks for the info. I saw you wrote on the email address as well, but let me answer here to leave a topic for everyone else.
Could you please charge the battery, use it for like 2 minutes and then check the voltage on the socket pins? Just tell me what’s the voltage.
As well - please remember to turn off the battery (click so the buton doesn’t light green - in case of Turtle Rover) every time you don’t use it. The relays inside take some power and may discharge the battery on it’s own if not turned off.

Hi, Szymon, Thanks for your quick response.
The battery was fully charged to green light and it can last for a long time when the battery button was pressed and the battery was powered on and also disconnected with the Turtle Rover.

But it can only last for 1~2 minutes and then it will suddenly turn down automatically if the battery connected with the Turtle Rover.

Is that a problem with the relay or the battery board? Any idea to fix it? Thanks,