Battery charging

This article says that I shouldn’t push the button on the battery while it’s charging.

Why is that?
What happens if I do?
Is there a safe way to interrupt the charging before it’s fully charged?

E.g. I pushed the button “accidentally” while it’s charging but I actually wanted to use it but now I’m stuck waiting for the light to turn green because I don’t want to mess the battery up :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, the thing is you need to turn the battery on for charging and then just don’t click the button as you’ll turn it off. The button acts as a simple switch and is hardwired to the battery inside, so if you turn the button off, the battery just won’t be charged.
There’s as well internal electronics in the battery pack that won’t allow for overcharging, so don’t worry. You can as well charge the battery partially, no need of full charging.

Hi, I am Leo’s customer and get same trouble with you in this battery.
If you push the button on battery during charging : LED on charger will turn GREEN .
If you don’t push the button on battery : LED on charger is RED , warning that battery are charging.
The problem here is in the battery did not have any display inform capacity of battery as meter or LED light .All of things you need to known just see on charger when power on , cut off the charger and fix on LeoRover robot , nothing to see. There were a lot of problem on LeoRover, it’s not perfect so I try to modify it during 01 year until now still not running.
If you have some good experience ,please feel free contact and exchange to me. Thank you.