Battery & charging issue

Hi there,

I received Leo Rover a few days ago. When I push the power button, green LED is not on.
Also, LED on power adapter showing green even if I connect the charging plug to the battery socket(it looks like charging is not working).

It seems that battery cables are connected correctly as described in assembly manual(Leo Rover Assembly manuals - Task 4: Battery).

What should I going to check?

Have you uploaded the firmware already? Leo Rover Assembly manuals - Task 10: Boot and firmware
The battery LED is connected directly to the controller GPIO and won’t work unless firmware is there.

The power adapter should turn red when you click the battery button on and is connected to the charger. If it’s still green it means a) the battery is fully charged, b) there’s the connection broken somewhere.

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@Szymon ,
Issue solved. Thanks for your guide.