ArbotixM crashes Leo OS


I have tryed to plug the ArbotixM board to the rover through the mini USB and it systematically crashes the robot, going back to flashing green light.

The robot is flashed with the latest Leo OS, the ArbotixM and the pincher are also running fine when coded on a windows computer through the Arduino IDE. The ArbotixM is currently running the “ros” code from the Arbotix sketches.

The rover is connected to the internet but get 3 errors when trying to install ros arbotix packages. Does anyone know if it is the lack of ros that makes it crash ?

Can you try connecting anything else than Arbotix to USB? For ex. any pendrive, USB mouse, etc. I’m trying to find out if maybe the USB socket is faulty in your kit causing Core2-ROS to cut power for RPi.

Ok, so the mouse also crashed the rover. We tried different USB ports of the RPi as well, same problem.

Can you tell me here or write to me ( and tell me your address and order number (if bought from our website) or distributor name and buyer name (if bought through distributors). We’ll ship you new USB socket asap. It’s faulty, we had some issues like that before. For now you can just connect ArbotiX directly to RaspberryPi rather than external socket. Sorry for the trouble.

Ok I will do that, thanks for the fast responses

Hi, have you tried it with the new cable?

Hi not yet, it hasn’t arrived for the moment.

I hope you use an FTDI Controller between RASPI and Arbotix-M . For me it is new, that you can connect direct to USB.

The original USB cable from ArbotiX / Trossen has the controller built in the plug casing.

Hi, I am coming back from my hollydays and have received the socket, it now seems to work properly. But the secondary battery wont startup so I am making a new thread about that

I’ve had the same issue. The four wires inside the USB-A connector of the USB Type A to mini B were inverted. See to get the right pin to wire color code.

Did you have the issue recently or in Turtle Rover? Can you make any photo? I’m curious.

Yes, we had the issue as of yesterday. Our company bought the LeoRover from your website in February 2021.

We actually fixed it yesterday after finding this post (and this forum as a mater of fact, it might be worth adding a link to it on the LeoRover website) and investigating our hardware. I didn’t take any pictures, but I can describe the procedure. Once the miniUSB socket with USB-A connector is removed from the MEB.

  1. Remove the heat shrink
  2. Open the USB A metal housing
  3. Remove the white plastic USB connector insert from the metal housing
  4. Remove the pin cover
  5. Check the wire to pin color (Using the USB A Pinouts available on wikipedia)
  6. Solder the wires back in the right order.
  7. Reassemble the connector and test it using any computer and any usb device.

Oh, so you mean the socket on the MEB. That’s unfortunate! We’ll make sure to add some additional steps to the manufacturing process not to allow this to happen again.
And regardin the forum link - noticed! Sure I’ll add more links all over the page.

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