Wired Connection

Hey guys, am wondering if I can control the robot with a joystick by a wired connection like LAN, can someone guide me through that?

If you have ROS on you computer you can try this one with USB joystick.
If not, we’ll prepare Ethernet connection tutorial.

It would be great if you can provide a tutorial! thanks.

Can you describe more briefly what are you trying to accomplish? Why do you particularly need a wired connection?

If you only want to control the robot with a joystick “on a leash”, maybe you will be interested in connecting the joystick directly to the Rover, instead of to the second computer connected to the Rover through Ethernet.

I need a wired connection because the rover will go in a high magnetic field area so the interference would make WIFI unfeasible. Can you please help with the wired connection between the joystick and the rover, can you give a tutorial? thanks

Sorry for the late reply.
You can connect the joystick to LeoRover’s miniUSB socket (located at the top) through a miniUSB to USB adapter.
Then, connect to the rover through SSH and follow the Steering the Rover with a joystick example of ROS Development tutorial (I recommend to read the whole tutorial if you are not familiar with ROS).
You can also connect USB extension cable to increase “the leash”, but take in mind that USB 2.0 standard specifies the maximum length of the cable to be 5 meters.