Wheels modding manual

Hi, I’m working now on the Rover wheels manual.
As I’ve seen there’s a lot of people wanting to use the wheels for different projects, so we decided to gather all the info on modding, editing the CAD models and calculating power/speed/torque for your own projects in one place:
I’m still working on it, so expect more and more info in the next weeks.

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And in case you need the wheels for your projects and don’t want to buy the whole Rover, we have them available in the shop:
(the actual wheel design varies from the photos as we switched from Pololu back to Buehler motors)

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Is it possible to use the Leo V1.5 RIM with the actualy Torque Plate from the 1.6. The Bedlock Design is usefull.

It’s not compatible.
When I have some time I’ll sit with the design and add beadlock to the new rim. On the other hand, the new rim has different diameter under the wheel and it’s much harder for the tire to come off. If it’s still an issue, we always recommend gluing the tires to the rims.

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OK, i do not plan to modify the Motors and Rims. I´m still fighting with the Firmware to add an BME Sensor (280 or 680) .