PhantomX Robotic Arm issue

Nidal wrote on our email:
"We have recently purchased a rover from your company and are in the process of setting everything up. Unfortunately, me and my teammates ran into difficulties while following the installation instructions for the Phamtomx Pincher Robotic Arm, posted on your website.

We have been able to reach until the step that states the following command: “rosdep install --from-paths src -yi” when running this command we receive the following error message "ERROR: the following packages/stacks could not have their rosdep keys resolved to system dependencies:

turtlebot_arm_moveit_config: Cannot locate rosdep definition for [turtlebot_arm_description]

turtlebot_arm_object_manipulation: Cannot locate rosdep definition for [object_recognition_tabletop]

turtlebot_arm: Cannot locate rosdep definition for [turtlebot_arm_moveit_demos]"

Note that we are using ROS Kinetic and that the Ubuntu version installed in Xenial.

Upon researching we realized that the problem is due to rosdep not being able to locate the listed packages, having said that according to Ros-wiki the listed packages do exist. We have tried several things including running some of the commands as Super User, trying to update rosdep again, as well as trying to install the individual files instead of all of them as bulk.

Hope you can answer our query."

@Blazej_Sowa - can you help?

Hi Nidal,
could you please try the following command instead?

rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -y -r

The object_recognition_tabletop is a non-existent package, so this error will be displayed either way, but turtlebot_arm_description and turtlebot_arm_moveit_demos should be already in your source space (src folder) and thus should be ignored by rosdep.

If you still see these errors, please paste the output of

catkin list

Hi Blazej!

Thanks for the reply. It seems the issue has been fixed, some of my colleagues tried a different approach and it worked! Unfortunately I was not able to test this fix before they tried their approach, my apologies.

Best regards.