Introduce yourself

Hello there,
I’m Szymon and I’m a cofounder and head of Turtle Rover team.
About me: I’m a mechanical engineer who studied 5yrs and never graduated. I’m the one to blame if there’s anything wrong with the Rover mechanics and I hope to build a great team of people involved in the project! It’s my dream to see the same Turtle used on Mars, in your garden and … anywhere cool :wink:
If you have any questions about mechanics or design, I’m super open to share.

Now it’s your turn folks :slight_smile:

They say that I am IT expert specializing in Autodesk software for over 30 years now. Wow, that’s a long time, crap I’m old. I have worked both in the reseller and design firms worlds. My software experience also includes Revit, AutoCAD, Civil3D, Autodesk Vault, Bluebeam and Tableau to name a few. Currently, I work at LPA, Inc, as an Information Analyst. At LPA, I analyze data and provide reporting informing the firm’s practice, about data such as project profitability and Revit model performance. Recently, I have started to dive into environmental sensors that report temperature, humidity, sound and light data. I am also dabbling in robotics with my Great Mojave RoverLike everything I do I jump right in and get over my head as fast as possible. I almost forgot I have a little podcast called BIMThoughts, where I get to talk to smart people about BIM.

I am currently building a Rover and am having fun figuring this stuff out. It’s not my full-time job, so it’s a bit slow, but it’s getting there.

You can learn more here:

Hi, we are a group of high school students that tinker with programming, electronic and robotic thingies. The big thing we are eagerly looking foreward to is our Turtle (with the license plate No. D-1, because we were the first German kickstarter backers).
Our turtle will be modified with an upper part where standardized modules for different purposes will fit in and can be changed easily.

@bbdevc - Hello in the Community! Actually know your blog, great work :smiley: After seeing your rover melt in the sun, we pushed to switch materials of Turtle rims - still working on printing ABS, but anyway - it was great to notice!

@Roternals - Welcome aboard. We’re still having logistics issues in case of manufacturing, but I’m doing my best to deliver the Rover asap.

Peace be upon you. I am Abdul Hadi and i am a mechanical engineer working as a product developer for an industry. I really like your project and find it extremely interesting and useful. Therefore i would like to work on it.

Name’s Bobby, I’m a Mechanical Engineering Grad and a fan of the Rover. Been monitoring this project from afar on twitter for about 18 months now and finally decided to dive headlong… My hobbies are putting AI code together to solve silly stuff like play pong… I also enjoy running and hitting the gym. I’m actually looking forward to doing crazy things with the SDK. Hopefully I dont light anything on fire. LOL. Nice to meet you all.

Hello my name is Michael.

I work as a company engineer and technician for sewer inspection systems. I develop systems that facilitate and expand our work. Small help and new controls via ATMEGA and ESP as well as Nextion formed the beginning. Also PIC programming is part of it. As a side project, I once dealt with the Raspberry PI (3b +) and so by chance came across the Turtle Rover. I am excited about the design and construction. Thanks to the great CAD drawings, I was able to think of some addons that help us with our work. Unfortunately, it is more difficult than expected with 5 programming languages ​​that you do not 100% mastered to consider an addon. But I am currently working on it. The first goal is achieved, a second camera module with live stream (UV4L low latency) in 720p with recording function, microphone, full screen and simultaneous viewing of the images. A 2 servo gimbal (both 180 degrees) is also implemented as well as 1 relay port to control the lighting (all controllable via webserver). As a camera body, I have rebuilt a defective GOPRO session and replaced the electronics with a camera module USB. The lighting consists of 2x litratorch lamps. The switch of the lamps will be replaced by the relay port and you can switch through 3 brightness levels including SOS. The internal batteries have been retained and deliver about 45min at full illumination. As a backup, they are connected to the Turtle power supply. The heart of this module is its own RAspberry pi.

Next, a Kinect is implemented via ROS NODE and an attempt is made to visualize the IMU via Websocket. An extension of 14 PWM channels is almost finished. Kinematics is not so important to control any of these channels with any robot arm, as the inserts are too individual. In addition, my options over ros are simply too expensive.

Mind you, this is a stand-alone addon but tailored to the Turtle Rover.

Hey Everyone! My name is Alex,
I’m excited about this project, and I’m looking forward to learning
from, and contributing too, this new community.

Hah, maybe you don’t see it, but we already have 38 people here :smiley: Nice! I’d like to welcome all of you, it’s just cool to see more and more involved.

Hi all,
My name is Matt Francisco and I’m a lecturer in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering here at Indiana University. I’m currently working on a creating an system for undergraduates students to do design research with communities. While some of this would have more traditional robotic applications, like sidewalk cleaning, most will be human centered, such as sign spinner robots or as a means for the community to learn more about the animals, insects, and plants around them . We are starting with explorations of sidewalks and gardens. The Leo Rover is a perfect platform for students to design simple experiments in the design space we work in and run them in the field. We are really excited to get the system in working order.

Hello All,
I’m Dallas and I work as the ‘A/V Guy’ at a museum. We purchased a rover to simulate driving one on the surface of mars. My task is to figure out how to keep the rover from running up the walls and flipping. Projectors and monitors I understand and personally I’d call myself a woodworker, so this is all very new to me. I have four ultrasonic ranging modules (HC-SR04), a book called “Python for Kids,” and a Kano computer kit to help learn on. I’ll definitely need help on my journey so I will be reaching out. I hope all of your projects are working out!

Hi Dallas! If you have any questions regarding your projects, open a new topic with a description of the setup - then everybody from the team and community will be able to help you with anything you need for the exhibition. Welcome!

Hi Leo rover and all everyone,
My name is Alex (Israel).
Our team is developing an open source programming platform. This is a interpreter of the C language family at the user GUI level.
Instead of a script, the developer builds algorithm instructions.
Your project attracts me with the opportunity to use the platform we developed with your equipment.
Do you provide such an opportunity?
If you go for it, I am ready to introduce you to the details of our development.
Your idea as a business concept has prospects in a hobby and at the same time gives enthusiasts the opportunity to test their ideas and evaluate their experience on the slopes.

Hi, welcome to the Community! Please write to me and sure we can figure something out.
It can go two ways, either you get the Rover and implement (and then we can help you with the tools distribution to the other users) or you can jump in our another concept (still in development) and test it remotely. Check it out: :smiley:

Hello Everyone!

My name is Terry Bockover and I currently work as a Systems Administrator for NTK Axle( We use a lot of PLC’s and robots for automatic lathes and we have been working on a lot of IOT projects trying to automate all plant operations; parts count, inventory etc. To date I have made several IOT devices, some that use the Raspberry PI to send IDF temperature and humidity using web sockets and python as well as systems that detect water level and air flow. I would call myself a super geek with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology.

I am interested in this project but dont have a huge amount of money at one time. I have children with disabilities, whom are very expensive and not to mention the Covid-19 has not helped our family financially either. Is there any way to buy parts in 4 or 5 payments or packages? IE: Like if I wanted to buy the 3d Printed parts one time, electronics packages, servos etc.

I was also wondering if there is just a parts list to buy parts from you as needed to start building as I accumulate parts. I was also wondering if this 3d printer from PRUSA can print all the parts? Ive never worked on an open source project so as soon as I can figure how to purchase a kit or buy parts, I look forward to start building a real robot.

Main interest is to build something that could run around in our plant, as portable assistant if I am at home plus share my love of electronic with kids.

Best Regards,

Terry (Tbot)

Its nice to see someone here from Indiana! I live in Carmel and am looking at scraping up some money to start building this. I have some ideas at our plant where something like this would be useful, going around and doing inventory, reading bar codes. I already have a bachelors degree but every now and then I take classes to get a new skill.


OK, so I just saw the online store after I sent email to Szymon. To start my journey I ordered the $500.00 rover conversion kit which should get me started. I am not sure if that includes scarecrow frame or that is something else I have to get. It looks like the wheels the most expensive if the wheels are $169.00 each. May take me most of summer to get enough parts to get started.