Scorpio 4/5 - Wrocław University of Technology

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Hey, did you know Turtle's bigger brother? Or father - I should say.
Project Scorpio started in 2013 in Wrocław University of Technology in Poland.
The robot itself is a 35 kg + 15kg payload 80x80 cm Mars rover prototype built especially for Mars Society Rover Challenges in Utah and in Poland.
We led the project for 3 years and won some nice places in the World. After leaving the University we reunited with new idea and designed Turtle Rover.

alt text

Technical specs, as I remember:
2x RaspberryPi inside + a lot of networking and router
2.4 GHz Wifi or 900 MHz (allowed in US)
4x 250W brushless motors w. planetary gearing (up to 20 Nm each)
Double rocker suspension with differential bar - similar to the one used in Turtle Rover (strange, huh?)
Browser based app
Plus huge robotic arm :D

alt text

The project still works, but without us in the team, you can see them here:

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