IMU on Turtle (BNO055)

Like some knowledge, I experiment with a 2nd Raspberry in the Turtle Rover. The Raspberry is actually only an interim solution because it has too little power to reach my goal (3D mapping with high resolution). A good start is it all. I have a Flask web server running a bootstrap template provides. Via UV4L and Webrtc (only available with Chrome) and a video data rate of 6-8 Mbit as well as a PAN TILT mechanism and 2 Litra Torch lights (Modified and controllable via the GPIO's). All in all a great thing., gave me the introduction to IMU programming and it works wonderfully. In the same way, the GPS data (medium term) are transmitted. I changed the code a bit because I do not use WebGl. Because the data is available, they can also be easily pasted into Turtle's control software via HTML and some CSS.

For questions, just let me know. I know that the sensor is a bit expensive, but it works great and the code is easy to understand.

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